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Documenting Go Code With Godoc

As you know if you read my blog, I have been building a set of new utility packages so I can start developing an application server I need for a new project. I am brand new to Go and the Mac OS. Needless to say it has been one hell of an education over the past month. But I don’t miss Windows or C# at all. I made some progress in my coding and wanted to build documentation for the code.

Thread Pooling in Go Programming

After working in Go for some time now, I learned how to use an unbuffered channel to build a pool of goroutines. I like this implementation better than what is implemented in this post.  That being said, this post still has value in what it describes. https://github.com/goinggo/work Introduction In my world of server development thread pooling has been the key to building robust code on the Microsoft stack.

Why Go Programming

For the past 20 years I have been writing server based and application software on the Microsoft stack. First in C/C++ leveraging the Win32 API and then in C# when .Net first was released. Over the past few months I have realized that trying to build scalable code on the Microsoft stack is becoming impossible. Why, Technology and Cost!! Let’s start with the licensing. Luckily I was accepted into the Bizspark program.